David Whitmer’s Final Witness of The Book of Mormon

“A year before his death in Richmond, Missouri, David responded to two encyclopedias that claimed he and the other Witnesses had denied their testimonies of the Book of Mormon.

“He declared: “I will say once more to all mankind, that I have never at any time denied that testimony or any part thereof. I also testify to the world, that neither Oliver Cowdery or Martin Harris ever at any time denied their testimony. They both died affirming the truth of the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon.” – In Tad R. Callister, A Case for the Book of Mormon (2019), 146.


“Three days before David died, on January 25, 1888, he called his family and his doctor to his bedside. “Doctor, do you consider that I am in my right mind?” he asked. His doctor replied, “Yes, you are in your right mind.”


“Then David turned to his family and said: “I want to give you my dying testimony. You must be faithful in Christ. I want to say to you all that the Bible and the record of the Nephites, the Book of Mormon, are true, so you can say that you have heard me bear my testimony on my deathbed.” – In Tad R. Callister, A Case for the Book of Mormon (2019), 147.


The three witnesses devoted their lives to defending their witness of the Book of Mormon. It’s time to accept their testimony as truth.

Read the Testimony of the Three Witnesses of The Book of Mormon here …



source: “The Last Witness of the Three Witnesses” – Michael R. Morris – New Era – January 2020


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