The Final Testimony of Oliver Cowdery

One of the strongest witnesses of the divine authenticity of The Book of Mormon is the Testimony of the Three Witnesses.


All three men left the church either for a time or indefinitely yet never throughout their entire lives would they deny the divine witness they received.

Each of them reaffirmed their witness of the Book of Mormon on their death beds.


The final witness of Oliver Cowdery

A few months before his death in Richmond, Missouri, Oliver told his old friend Jacob Gates: “I want you to remember what I say to you, I am a dying man, and what would it profit one to tell you a lie? I know … that this Book of Mormon was translated by the gift and power of God. My eyes saw, my ears heard, and my understanding was touched, and I know that whereof I testified is true. It was no dream, no vain imagination of the mind—it was real.”

– Tad R. Callister, A Case for the Book of Mormon (2019), 154

At the time of Oliver’s death, David Whitmer, joined by two of the Eight Witnesses (John Whitmer and Hyrum Page) and other family members and friends, heard Oliver declare his final testimony: “I was present at the deathbed of Oliver Cowdery,” he said, “and his last words were, ‘Brother David, be true to your testimony to the Book of Mormon.”

– Tad R. Callister, A Case for the Book of Mormon (2019), 140


The three witnesses devoted their lives to defending their witness of the Book of Mormon. It’s time to accept their testimony as truth.

Read their witness here:…/script…/bofm/three



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